There is still quite a ways to go before you’ll be ready to buy & sell vehicles…

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Submit your Dealer Application

To get a license, you’ll need to submit an application to the Georgia Secretary of State licensing board, Used Motor Vehicle Division.

Set up an ETR/TOPs Account

You’ll use your Dealer ID assigned by the DOR to move forward with setting up a mandated ETR & TOPs Account(s).

Apply for Master Tags

Once the State UCAR license is approved and you’ve obtained a Business License, you’re able to apply for  Master Dealer Tags from the DOR.

Know the Basics

Being confident and being compliant are two important pieces in being a successful dealer. Start with basic paperwork & process requirements.

Still Confused?

If you’d like additional information or direct assistance with any of these items, become a member of GIADA and let one of our consultants assist in your application process, and beyond!