If you would like assistance with the application process and choose to join GIADA, you will be able to take advantage of our skilled staff who can help you through each and every stage of the dealer application process. We will provide you with unlimited consultation services before and long after you get your license. Membership dues are $250 annually. Other membership benefits include deep discounts at auctions, discounts for garage liability insurance,and training programs. Our mission is YOUR SUCCESS in the car business.

What do GIADA Member Dealers Get?

  • Help set up your legal structure if you want an LLC or Corporation
  • Obtain your FEIN number
  • Obtain your sales and use tax number
  • Fill out the dealer application or parts application
  • Complete a change of location or change of name application
  • Set a dealer up with all the proper paperwork to complete a sale
  • Help with ETR Set up and explain TOPs drive-out tags
  • Assist with obtaining your Master Tags
  • Answer complex questions with simple answers
  • Give you an overview of required deal paperwork
  • Keep you updated on all laws and regulation changes the minute they occur

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